Fuzzy Logic Based Control of a Two Rotor Aero-Dynamical System

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Víctor Tarcha Muñoz





Friday, July 4, 2014

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In this thesis an implementation of a fuzzy logic based controller for a Twin Rotor Aero-dynamical System (TRAS) is presented and discussed. The TRAS consists of a beam with two propellers placed on the ends. The beam can pivot on its base in such a way that it can rotate freely both in the horizontal and vertical planes. The control goal is to provide an accurate control of the beam of the TRAS. The device is controlled in the real time. Three different scenarios are presented: azimuth angle, pitch angle and both of them. For the first two cases 1-DOF model is derived and used, while to cover the final scenario 2-DOF model is implemented. The fuzzy controller has been chosen in order to deal with the high nonlinearities of the system, trying to improve the performance of the classical controllers and their capabilities. The controllers are first designed and implemented separately without taking into account the cross-couplings effects between the two axes due to the moment of the forces of the propellers. Then, both designs are put together in a 2-DOF TRAS model. Numerical experiments are done within the MATLAB/Simulink environment. The corresponding figures and simulation results are presented. The performance of suggested fuzzy controllers is discussed and analyzed.

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